Leading Big Data Analytics Platform Developer USP Labs to Present at MIT CRIBB on August 2

Thursday, July 17, 2013

Tokyo, Japan and Boston, MA

Universal Shell Programming Laboratory Ltd. (USP Lab), a pioneer in data analytics, and Farpoint Ventures LLC, a leading provider of venture finance and international sales and marketing outsourcing services, announced today that USP Lab’s founder and president, Nobuaki Tounaka, will be presenting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computing Resources in Boston and Beyond (CRIBB) series on August 2, 2013 at 12PM. This seminar is open to the public. More information is available at http://goo.gl/iOc5p.

Mr. Tounaka will present methods and results of several recent big data projects conducted with Japanese universities including a large genome analysis project and a traffic optimization project involving billions of spatio-temporal datapoints. He will show a real-time demonstration of the Unicage® platform analyzing datasets of billions of records and will also provide comparative benchmarks to popular scalable platforms such as Hadoop.

“While Unicage® is used heavily by large enterprise customers, it’s low cost, ease of development and scalability make it perfect for academic institutions as well,” said Mr. Tounaka. “We look forward to presenting our results to the academic community in Boston at the MIT CRIBB seminar.”

“Farpoint recently announced our agreement with USP Lab to spearhead their entry into the US market,” said James Ryan, Managing Partner of Farpoint Ventures LLC. “We’re proud to organize this visit by Mr. Tounaka to MIT and other major institutions in the Boston area.”

About Universal Shell Programming Laboratory Ltd.

Founded in 2005 in Tokyo, Japan, USP Lab has developed a platform enabling large enterprises and academic researchers to fast-prototype algorithms using only simple “shell scripting” and run them against enormous datasets (of hundreds of billions of records) returning results of complex queries in under half a second. USP Lab’s Unicage® analytics platform is used by major Japanese retailers, logistics firms, manufacturers and food service chains to provide real-time analytics that optimize business processes on the fly without the high implementation and running cost of traditional “big data” platforms.

Media Contact: Hiroko Kamata and Tae Yoshida
Email: koho@usp-lab.com
Phone: +81 (3) 3432-1174

About Farpoint Ventures LLC

Farpoint Ventures is a venture finance fund with a unique services platform that quickly develops global markets for its portfolio of venture-backed technology companies. Farpoint’s global network of experienced technology sales professionals can quickly bring a product to markets from Asia to Africa, Europe to the Middle East and the United States to Latin America, developing sales channels, reseller networks and bringing in international revenues years ahead of when most startups would have the resources to go global on their own. Farpoint’s US headquarters is in Boston, MA and it has offices around the world.

Media Contact: Veronica Hynes
Email: press@farpointventures.com
Phone: +1 (857) 600-2116

*Unicage® is a registered trademark of Universal Shell Programming Laboratory Ltd.

NOTE: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology does not endorse USP Lab, Unicage or Farpoint Ventures LLC. While MIT organizes the CRIBB seminar, this does not imply an endorsement of any of the products or companies who present at the seminar.

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