USP Lab’s Unicage® Big Data Analytics Platform now Available on Amazon EC2

Tokyo, Japan

August 21, 2013

Big Data pioneer and Farpoint Ventures portfolio company USP Lab today announced the availability of its Unicage® big data analytics platform on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Companies requiring a rich data analytics toolkit with an extremely fast learning curve and scalability to hundreds of billions of records can now get started quickly and cheaply using Amazon’s hourly billing.

Companies can develop their data algorithms on a minimal configuration for less than $1 per hour and then quickly scale up their processing resources to meet the demands of their actual data sets. When not processing data, the machine image can be stopped and saved to cloud storage for a very minimal fee.

Amazon EC2’s flexible “pay as you go” cloud model is a perfect fit for Unicage, which allows you to create algorithms in simple shell scripts and then scale them to hundreds of billions of records without any changes to your program. Clustered, parallel processing is handled automatically behind the scenes based on Unicage’s distributed file system.

To test out Unicage on Amazon EC2, click on this link.

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