Other Services

At Farpoint we understand that not all companies will desire to engage in the manner described above. We are certainly willing to put the experience and skills of our global teams to work for you on an “a-la-carte” basis. Some services that we can offer are described below:

  1. Analysis Services: The experience of the six principals bringing a variety of startup technologies to global markets is extremely valuable to venture capital and private equity funds who are trying to “pick winners” in these sectors. Farpoint offers market segment analysis reports and specific company analysis reports as a service to these types of funds.
  2. Consulting Services:
    1. Developing business plans
    2. Market analysis
    3. Product gap analysis
    4. Recruiting
    5. Establishing local subsidiaries
    6. Competitive analysis
    7. Public relations in overseas markets
    8. Outsourced sales and marketing services
    9. Introductions to channel partners and end customers in target markets

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