Our Clients

The following is a list of some of the clients who Farpoint is helping with their international sales development. Farpoint is happy to set up reference calls between our prospective clients and our existing clients to allow you to hear the value of working with Farpoint directly from a satisfied customer.


PrePlay Inc.

PrePlay is the world’s leading predictive game studio. PrePlay creates mobile and tablet games designed and engineered to enhance the experience of watching sports, reality, talent, and award shows on TV. PrePlay users compete in worldwide social contests that involve predicting the outcomes of events they are watching unfold on live TV.

PrePlay’s MLB Baseball, NHL Hockey and CBS Sports Football apps are available for download from the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store.

PrePlay and Farpoint have entered into an agreement whereby Farpoint acts as an extension of PrePlay’s sales and marketing team to recruit and sign licensees and sponsors of PrePlay’s gaming technology in Japan. Farpoint is also be responsible for product localization and technical support through its Tokyo office.

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Universal Shell Programming Laboratory

Founded in 2005 in Tokyo, Japan, USP Lab has developed a platform enabling large enterprises and academic researchers to fast-prototype big data analytics algorithms using only simple “shell scripting” and run them against enormous datasets (of hundreds of billions of records) returning results of complex queries in under half a second. USP Lab’s Unicage® analytics platform is used by major Japanese retailers, logistics firms, manufacturers and food service chains to provide real-time analytics that optimize business processes on the fly without the high implementation and running cost of traditional “big data” platforms.

USP Lab and Farpoint have entered into an agreement whereby Farpoint acts as an extension of USP Labs’ sales and marketing team to develop sales channels and end user customers in the United States for USP Labs’ flagship big data analytics platform Unicage®. Farpoint Ventures has already localized Unicage®, set up an internet presence for USP Labs at en.usp-lab.com and has made Unicage® available to US customers on Amazon EC2 (Click Here).

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Nuage Labs

Nuage Labs is a technology company that develops and distributes innovative software “Cloud Gateways” intended for professionals, enhancing existing Cloud services, simplifying their adoption and solving issues raised by these services.

Nuage Labs’ Cloud Gateway turns any Cloud storage service into a local volume exportable as a NAS through NFS, CIFS or (s)FTP, and is compatible with most public or private Cloud storage services including Openstack and Amazon S3 standards among others. It addresses security issues with integrated encryption on the client side and addresses performance and disaster recovery issues by enabling mirroring and stripping between Clouds, on-the-fly compression, local caching, and optimal reuse of HTTP(s).

Farpoint and Nuage have entered into a multi-year agreement whereby Farpoint will develop sales channels and revenues for Nuage in Japan, Asia Pacific, Australia/New Zealand and Africa.

C-Studio Logo

C Studio

C Studio is an IT Consulting and Professional Services company in Tokyo, Japan which offers a wide range of services from infrastructure design and architecture consulting to development and deployment of e-commerce and cloud services. C Studio currently works with a wide variety of Japanese and international partners to provide the optimum IT infrastructure solutions to meet their customers’ requirements.

C Studio and Farpoint have an ongoing agreement whereby Farpoint develops sales channels and revenues in the United States for C Studio and their Japanese partner companies. C Studio also assists Farpoint in Japan with recommendation and implementation of Farpoint clients’ products and services to large enterprises with a focus on the financial services sector.

Unified Communications Logo

Unified Communications

Unified Communications has been providing network architecture consulting, bespoke engineering, product selection, systems integration and multi-vendor support services to telecommunication service providers and large enterprises throughout Japan for nearly 20 years. Unified is a major distributor of Siemens and Stratus products, and provides 24 x 7 x 365 bilingual tier 1 and tier 2 support for a variety of overseas technology vendors.

Unified Communications is a shareholder of Farpoint Ventures LLC. Unified assists Farpoint in identifying Japanese technology companies who are in need of international sales and marketing assistance from Farpoint. Unified can also provide distribution, systems integration, professional services and multivendor technical support services to Farpoint’s overseas clients who are selling technology products to Japanese enterprises and service providers.

Lezent Logo

Lezent Communications Technology Co., Ltd.

Lezent is a leading provider of systems integration, import/export, professional services and technical support services for international technology companies in the China market. Lezent specializes in importing, distributing, integrating and supporting enterprise IT (especially Financial Services) and telecommunications network infrastructure products.

Lezent and Farpoint have an ongoing agreement whereby Lezent identifies Chinese technology companies who are in need of assistance with their international sales and marketing strategy and execution. Lezent can also provide import/export, distribution, systems integration and multi-vendor support services for Farpoint’s overseas technology vendor clients.

SwiftStack Logo


SwiftStack is a technology innovator of private cloud storage for today’s applications. The company was founded in 2011 to help operations teams implement and manage an easy-to-use, multi-tenant and highly scalable private cloud storage platform.

The team is made up of early builders and operators of web-scale infrastructure, and our experience in services and management gives us a unique perspective on how to build, deploy and scale large infrastructure. With SwiftStack, applications developers and operations teams can benefit from SwiftStack integration and expertise to leverage the power of public cloud inside their own datacenter.

Farpoint and SwiftStack have entered into a multi-year agreement whereby Farpoint will develop sales channels and revenues for SwiftStack in Japan, Australia and Africa.

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