The Farpoint Way

cubes of dollarsFarpoint’s approach to this problem is different. We look for companies with unique products with large market potential and then we pay you for the rights to sell your products in specific target markets.  We can focus on the entire global market or just a few countries.  How much we pay you depends on the potential revenue stream, the length of the contract and the size of the territory.  We are typically paid a success fee as a fixed percentage of sales but in some cases we will accept equity or stock options in lieu of cash.

Under the Farpoint model we eliminate the risk to you.  Instead of having to invest capital in developing these markets, you receive a lump sum of cash that you use however you like.  We assume the risk and cost of developing the market.  And since we have paid for that right, we have enormous skin in the game to ensure that we generate sales quickly.

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